Creating and Applying Discount or Coupon Codes in ClickFunnels

Friday, May 17, 2024

Rami Raidan Blog/Creating and Applying Discount or Coupon Codes in ClickFunnels

Creating & Applying Discount or Coupon Codes in ClickFunnels 2.0


The objective of this SOP is to guide team members on how to create discount codes in ClickFunnels and apply them to products effectively.

Key Steps

1. Add Discount App:

  • Start from the main screen and navigate to the "Apps" section.
  • Scroll and add the discount app by clicking on it.

2. Create Discount Code:

  • After adding the discount app, locate it in the menu on the left.
  • Click on the app and create a new discount code.
  • Name the discount code (e.g., "Mastermind Membership 25% Off").
  • Choose between a percentage or fixed amount discount.
  • Generate the code and copy it to share with clients.

3. Apply Discount to Products:

  • Edit the order form page of the product funnel.
  • In the order form page settings, enable the coupon field and save.
  • Preview the changes to ensure the coupon field appears.
  • If the coupon field doesn't show, delete the existing checkout and add a new one.
  • Test the checkout process to confirm the discount code application.

4. Repeat for Other Products:

  • Follow the same steps to apply discount codes to other products by editing their order form pages.

Cautionary Notes

  • Ensure the coupon field is properly enabled in the order form settings to avoid issues with applying discounts.
  • Double-check the discount code details before sharing it with clients to prevent errors.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Keep the discount codes organized and labeled clearly for easy reference.
  • Test the checkout process with the discount code to verify its functionality before sharing it with clients.
  • If issues arise with applying discounts, check the order form settings and recreate the checkout if necessary for a smooth process.
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