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Canva Genius Course

Unleash your creative potential, transform your designs, and stand out in the digital landscape with my personalized Canva course. Get hands-on with intuitive design tools, engage in live coaching sessions, and receive unrivaled business support.

Let's ignite your design journey together!

What This Course Is About

Learn how to design stunning, professional graphics without any prior experience. This course is designed to take you from a beginner to a master of design using Canva's tools and templates.

What You Will Learn

8 Weeks Live One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Week 1: Canva Overview & Basics

Introduction to Canva's interface. Learn how to navigate through the platform, set up your designs, and understand basic design tools.

Week 5: Creating Social Media Graphics

Design engaging social media posts tailored to various platforms. Understand size specifications, effective visual strategies, and how to use Canva's elements to create eye-catching posts.

Week 2: Exploring Templates & Elements

Discover how to utilize Canva's vast library of templates to suit your design needs. Learn to customize elements to make each template your own.

Week 6: Designing Marketing Materials

Create professional marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and business cards. Learn the principles of design that appeal to your target audience.

Week 3: Advanced Design Tools

Uncover Canva's more complex tools and how to apply them to your designs. This includes working with layers, using the color palette effectively, and incorporating various shapes and lines.

Week 7: Building Engaging Presentations

Learn to create dynamic presentations that keep your audience engaged. Discover how to use transitions, animations, and other interactive features in Canva.

Week 4: Typography and Branding

Understand how to use text and typography effectively in your designs. Learn to create a consistent brand aesthetic using fonts and colors.

Week 8: Review and Showcase

Review the techniques learned throughout the course and showcase your designs. Get personalized feedback and tips on how to further improve your work.

During these live sessions, you'll not only learn, but also apply the concepts in real-time, creating your own unique designs under my guidance.
At the end of these eight weeks, you will be well-versed in using Canva and will have a portfolio of designs showcasing your newfound skills.

3 Months of Business Coaching & Design Support

For three months, I'll guide you through the process of growing your business and provide design assistance to ensure your brand stands out. This includes discussing digital content creation, branding, marketing strategies, and more.

Bonus #1: Social Media Essential Training

Master the art of community building and content planning with my essential Social Media Training! Learn how to create engaging pages and groups that foster interaction and brand loyalty. I'll guide you through scheduling posts for optimal engagement, crafting compelling reels and stories, and using these tools effectively across different platforms. Harness the power of strategic content management and start fostering vibrant online communities today!

Bonus #2: Better ME Private Facebook Community Group

Connect with other learners in our supportive community. Share your progress, ask questions, and receive feedback on your designs.

What You Will Gain

By the end of this course, you will have the skills to create a variety of designs, including Social Media Graphics, Marketing Materials, Presentations, Portfolio Websites, and more.